Business Development Lead - Americas

Business Development Lead - Americas

About JigSpace

Imagine you could look at anything and ask, "How does that work? How do I fix that? What's that made of?" - and the answer is immediately available, in 3D, right there in front of you. We’re making that a reality.

JigSpace’s vision is to be the standard for sharing knowledge in 3D, and we want you to join us!

Released in 2017, JigSpace is the highest rated app in the AR/VR space with >4m downloads and millions of passionate users around the world. Our paid product launched months ago and is gaining momentum - fast.

The situation and the role

As JigSpace continues to rapidly grow, we’re looking to expand our team beyond Australia and harness exciting opportunities in different regions. As the majority of our customers are in North America, we’re looking for a talented, driven, and charismatic individual to plant the flag for Jig’s commercial operations in the USA.

You will lead and execute the expansion of JigSpace in the USA, to ensure Jig is exposed to and capitalising on business opportunities, as well as expanding and engaging our user base. The right candidate will establish and manage a team, while also wearing many hats to ensure this expansion is executed in an effective and efficient manner.

Fundamentally, you are here to help our customers achieve their goals, find opportunities to expand their accounts, and identify and land new partners and customers with compelling demos.

You will be given a long leash here. We want you to use your initiative, abilities, and network to build Jig’s brand and customer base.

Market Objectives

  • Generate Increased awareness of JigSpace and our brand. You will develop and disseminate marketing materials, using strategic discretion, and management guidance when selecting platforms, avenues and streams of advertising and marketing. You will be analytical and data driven when determining which marketing strategies are worth additional investment, and what needs further development.
  • Sales of our tool. While we won’t micromanage how you sell our tool; whether it be cold-calling, utilising your network, setting up resellers/partners, pursuing personas of interest… we do expect potential customers to be contacted in volume, and our returning revenue to be increased incrementally, but significantly (specifics below).
  • Customer Service, particularly within your USA timezone. While we aim to respond to customer queries in a timely manner, Jig HQ is in a different timezone. Therefore, your team will be the first-line contact for customer queries within the Americas timezones. We understand certain technical issues may need to be addressed by our team in Australia; it will be your responsibility to triage these queries to ensure they are correctly dealt with.
  • Retention and expansion of large customer accounts. There will be an element of Customer Success within this role, to ensure our large enterprise customers remain satisfied and engaged. In conjunction with a sales mindset, we expect you to not only retain these accounts, but use cross-selling and upselling to internally expand the use of JigSpace.
  • Developing the Partnership ecosystem of JigSpace. We believe in what we’ve created at JigSpace, now it’s time to capitalise on partnerships to ensure other people can best learn in 3D too! We will expect you to strategically identify, pursue and close partnerships with relevant brands and companies, to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship. Your aim is to grow the public awareness of JigSpace, so we can begin to witness a widespread understanding of the value of our product.
  • Establish a team, with specific roles in order to reach these common goals. While we expect you to wear many hats, we also understand other employees may be more suited for specific tasks. We expect you to lead, and guide a small team in order to best achieve these goals.

Measurable Objectives

By 3 months:

  • 3x Sales Demonstrations/week; we don’t mind how you secure these demonstrations, you will just need to get your foot in the door.
  • Attract and begin the onboarding process of 3+ enterprise clients/major accounts
  • Attract and begin developing at least one major ecosystem partnership, whereby JigSpace will be viewed publicly, leading to potential exponential growth.
  • Contribute to hiring and onboarding 2 Customer Success/Sales Representatives as part of our USA-based team.

By 6 months:

  • 5x Sales demonstrations/week to qualified enterprise prospects
  • Increase Territory forward ARR (April 2021) of USA users by agreed targets
    • This can be by attracting new customers, or growing current enterprise customers.
  • Developed and circulated at least one territory focused marketing campaign; we will allow creative license and personal initiative on how you execute this campaign.

By 12 months:

  • Contracted and onboarded 12+ new Enterprise Clients/ major accounts
  • Increase initial MRR (April 2021) of USA users by agreed targets
    • This can be by attracting new customers, growing current enterprise customers, or partner channels.
  • Develop and secure 3+ major ecosystem partnerships, whereby Jig will be viewed publicly, leading to potential exponential growth.
  • Developed and circulated at least 3x territory focused marketing campaigns.
  • Lead the continual growth, hiring, key results of the North American team including growing to minimum team size of 5.

Experience Required

  • 10+ years in B2B software sales, business development or market development roles.
    • Proven ability to achieve targets on a consistent basis whilst developing a market
    • We would strongly favour experience in a startup or fast-paced medium-high growth teams.
  • Proven experience building successful account based marketing or trade marketing strategies and executing them to achieve business objectives.
  • Right mix of empathy and determination, combined with communication and presentation skills to get our whole company to buy-in and help execute on your commercial plans. These skills are also critical to work with our high-profile external partners and customers.
  • We are looking for an adult, who knows how to get stuff done, collaborate, be humble and caring but also driven and self-motivated.

Nice to have

  • Experience developing reseller or channel partnerships
  • Experience in or passion for AR/VR/XR/3D technology
  • Experience in a tech-startup or tech scale-up.

By joining JigSpace, you’ll be growing with a cutting-edge, expanding company, and committing to a platform we all believe in. It can be hectic at times, but that adds to the final reward, when we see our delightful product evolve and flourish. Having been through both Boost VC and Startmate accelerators, we’re highly involved in the Aussie startup scene, and continue to grow through collaborations with companies like Apple, Medtronic and Verizon.

While working at JigSpace is remote, we have a strong team ethos and are constantly looking for like-minded people who love to collaborate and solve problems together. We are in constant communication every day, and maintain virtual catch-ups to ensure our entire team remains socially involved, engaged, and our goals are aligned. Our development team is no exception!

JigSpace is designed to be simple, useful, and delightful. It’s also meant to be a tool that anyone can use, so everyone should be represented in the people that make Jig. We strongly encourage POC, LGBTQ+, and diverse applicants of all backgrounds to apply.

The perks

  • Joining and growing with a reputable, venture-backed startup, as we’re gaining more traction through highly successful collaborations
  • Trust and autonomy over your work, surrounded and supported by a great team.
  • Remote and flexible work: accountability is big for us - we want you to own your work, but we’re flexible with how you get there!
  • We are great believers in employee wellbeing and development. At Jig, we offer a number of employee benefits, including:
    • Competitive salary + commission, with options for equity in JigSpace - we all reap the benefits of success at Jig!
    • A professional development budget, so you can continue to upskill and learn throughout your journey with Jig.
    • WFH tech allowance - we’ll help deck out your remote work station so you’re always comfortable and productive.
    • Friday lunches - to celebrate the end of the week, and catch up face-to-face.

How to Apply

Does this role sound like a good fit? Email your CV, LinkedIn or personal website to us at

  • Include the role's title in your subject line.
  • Send along links that best showcase the relevant things you've helped achieve or grow.